Pictures of Tokoloshe

Pictures of Tokoloshe

images of tokoloshe

Is this the tokoloshe?

Getting a good picture of the Tokoloshe is almost impossible – this shy skelem is mostly seen by children – and Sangomas that have put their power over the tokoloshe – images of the tokoloshe are just not see. Is this because the he does not exits – or because those who have seen him did not have a cmaera? – or perhaps were so afraid that hey did not think to take a picture of the tokoloshe? – if you have pictures of the tokoloshe – please post them on the site.

I am sure there are many South Africans who would like to see what this little devil looks like – or a description if you have seen what a  he looks like. We welcome anyone asking “what does the tokoloshe look like?” and any pictures of tokoloshe and images of tokoloshe or a good photo of tokoloshe! Send us what you have – we want to see if he is real or just in the minds of superstitious people – has he affected you life in anyway – have your children seen this evil spirit – do you know a good spell that will vanquish this trouble maker?

3 Responses to Pictures of Tokoloshe

  1. Morne du Plessis says:

    If its creation is from a human coarps with eyes and tounghe cut out surely there must be rezemblince to that courps.If been mocked by one from des2012 till mom utb a deacon in curch saw the signs took me to healler aftere about 2weeks he left me and the cat disappeared the same.According the healer telling my mom I was one of the luycky ones surving the visit if 4days later the out come would be looking a little grim with me lying in the morque freezer dead

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